Is Windows 11 the beginning of the end for Skype?

Microsoft has officially announced Windows 11, its new operating system which will replace the current version over the next few years.

Among all the new features are two seemingly small but related things that jumped out.

First - Microsoft Teams, the video-calling app which saw a boom during 2020 pandemic, will be integrated into Windows 11 by default.

And second - Skype will not be, for the first time in years.

That seems to suggest that Teams is the new favorite child, and many pundits think this is the beginning of the end for what was once the king of calling apps.

"Looks like Microsoft is killing off Skype," wrote the Irish & Sunday Independent tech editor Adrian Weckler. "Bye bye Skype," added Future Publishing content director Jeremy Kaplan. "RIP Skype," was the immediate reaction from The Verges Tom Warren.

Yet the reality is that Skype has been losing relevance for a long time.

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